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Frequently Asked Questions  

Copy & File Room FAQ's
1. Are there wills filed without a succession?
No. A succession must be opened for a will to be filed.

2. I am looking for a succession.  Where should I look?
The succession is normally filed in the Clerk of Court's office in the parish where the deceased resided.

Marriage, Elections, Jury Duty FAQ's
1. If I was married in a parish other than Tangipahoa could I still get a copy of my marriage license through the Tangipahoa Clerk of Court?
No. To receive a copy of your marriage license you must contact the clerk's office in the parish in which you were married.
You can view the Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority (LCRAA) website to search for a marriage license obtained statewide.

2. What do I need to get a marriage license?
Please visit our Marriage License page to see the details for what is required to obtain a marriage license.

3. Do both parties have to be present to receive a Marriage License?
Please visit our Marriage License page to see the details for what is required to obtain a marriage license.

4. Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
Our Amite Office issues Birth Certificates.
For more information, visit http://www.dhh.state.la.us/oph/vital/index.htm

5. Whom do I need to speak with to find out if I am exempt from Jury duty?
You are required to show up on the day you are scheduled.  The judge is the only person who can excuse you from Jury duty.  

6. How do I find out if Jury Duty has been canceled?
You may call (985) 748-8077 or check our HAVE JURY DUTY link from the Home page of our website, after 4:30 pm on the day preceding your report date and we will update you on the status of your jury duty.

7. How do I get excused from jury duty?
You must present a permanent excuse to the Judge Chambers to be removed from the jury roll.

8. Can jury duty be re-scheduled?
Yes. You must call our office and you may be given another date.

9. I have already sent in a medical excuse t the Judge. How can I check to see if I have been excused from Jury Duty?
You must call the Judges Chambers (985) 748-9445 and they will inform you.

Criminal Department FAQ's
1. Where do I pay a traffic ticket?
Traffic tickets are paid at Collections office in the Amite Courthouse. (985)284-2108

2. How much is the traffic ticket?
The Clerk's Office does not have a cost schedule for fines. You may contact the Sheriff's Collections office in the Amite Courthouse. (985)284-2108

3. Can you do a criminal search for me?

Criminal searches are done by written request and a fee of $20.00 per name.  Copies of pleadings pertaining to the search are at an additional charge of $1.00 per page. Add $3.00 per copy for conformed or $5.00 for certified copies.  

An individual can also appear in the Clerk's Office to run a search on the computer provided for public use in the Criminal Department.   There is no charge for this service.  There is a charge if copies are requested.

4. Can you give me a criminal disposition?
Criminal dispositions are given by written requests and a $10.00 fee per name.

5. How much is court cost (criminal and civil)?
Amounts regarding criminal court costs are given by the

Sheriff's Collections office in the Amite Courthouse. (985)284-2108.   Civil court cost information is given by the Civil Department in the Clerk's Office (985)748-4146.

6. When is my court date?
A criminal court date is looked up by the DA's office (985)748-3234.   Also, non-support court dates can be looked up in the same manner.   A civil court date should be obtained from the plaintiff's or defendant's attorney or by providing the name of the suit and division of court to the minute clerk.   This information can also be provided by the Clerk's File Room.

7. How can I get another court date? 

Criminal court dates can only be given by a representative from the Judge's Office or District Attorney's Office. New court dates in civil matters will be assigned upon a written motion and order of continuance by counsel. New Court Dates are NOT given by the Clerk's office.

8. What is Article 894? 
The legal definition of Article 894 can be found in the Louisiana Edition of West's Statutory Criminal Law and Procedure.   Because we cannot interpret the law, questions regarding Article 894 should be answered by an attorney or some other legal entity.

9. How much is it to file an expungement?
If you need any information or assistance in filing an expungement, you must contact an attorney.

10. Does your office provide a form for expungement?

No. The Clerk of Court's office no longer provides Expungement forms. If you need any information on filing an expungement, you must contact an attorney or visit the Louisiana Clerk of Court's Association website for assisstance.

11. Can you tell me if a pleading has been signed by the Judge?
Only if the following information is given: The division of court to which the case has been allotted; the suit caption and docket number; the approximate date the pleading was filed.

12. Why have I been subpoenaed for a criminal case?
This office can only provide information as to what offense a defendant has been charged with.  The question as to why a subpoena was issued will have to be referred to the District Attorney's Office or the defense attorney requesting the subpoena.

13. How can I obtain a copy of a criminal transcript?
A written order signed by the Judge will have to be filed in order to obtain a copy of a transcript in a criminal matter.

14. How can I obtain a copy of a civil transcript?
The party requesting the transcript should contact Pam Sellers, Judges Chambers Receptionist.   Ms. Sellers' telephone number is (985) 748-9445.   The date and division of the hearing requested must be provided.

15. Do you charge for criminal motions filed by private council?
No. We do charge $3.00 per conformed copy returned.

16. How can I get a copy of my minutes?
Copies of minutes can be obtained in person or by phone (985)748-4146. The fee is $10.00 per minute extract.

Mortgage & Conveyance FAQ's
1. Can you tell me who owns the property at a certain street address?
The Mortgage and Conveyance Department can only look up a piece of property by name.   The Clerk of Court's Mapping Department and the Parish Assessor's Office can look up property for you by address.  Contact the Assessor's office at (985) 748-7181.

2. Can you tell me who owns the land next to me?
Yes, as long as you have a street address or name we can look up the surrounding properties in our Mapping Department.

3. Where do I pay my property taxes?
Parish taxes are paid at the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office. City or Town taxes must be paid at the City Hall or Town Hall of the taxing authority.

4. I want to do a property bond, where do I start?
You must begin at the Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office - Criminal Dept and they will guide you from there.

Civil Department FAQ's
1. How can I get a restraining order?
Petitions for domestic Abuse Protection are available at the Clerk of Court's Office and the Spouse Abuse Office.   For assistance you may call Spouse Abuse at (888) 411-1333 or (985) 542-8384 or visit www.SAFElouisiana.org.

2. How can I file for divorce?
An attorney normally files Petitions for Divorce.   There are NO forms available at the Clerk of Court's Office.

3. Do you have a small claims court?
Yes. Depending upon the Ward in which you reside, you may be able to file in Hammond City Court or through the Justice of the Peace in your ward of residence. 

4. How can I get custody of my children?
An attorney normally files Petitions for Custody.   There are NO forms available at the Clerk of Court's Office.

5. How much is my court cost?
Court costs may vary with each case.  You must call the Clerk of Court's Office to check court costs.   (Please have a docket number available)

5. Where do I pay child support?
Child Support is paid at the Department of Children and Family Services. The Amite Office is located at 601 South 1st Street, Amite, LA 70422 (985) 748-2208.

Mapping Department FAQ's
1. How can a property owner find out if they are in a flood zone? Where can I get a flood zone map?
The Permit Office can provide you with this information at 985-542-2117.

2. How can I find out if a road is public or private?
The Parish Council's office can provide you with this information at 985-748-3211.

3. A survey was done and it's not recorded, why would that be?
Often a survey is mentioned within the description and not recorded. Surveys do not have to be recorded which is a common misconception. In this case, the surveyor would need to be contacted to obtain a copy.

4. What is the difference between a survey and an ownership (linework) map?
A survey has the exact line bearings and dimensions for the property. An ownership map shows the location of the property along with nearby neighbors, streets, rivers, etc. It will not have exact dimensions of the property, only an approximation.

5. Can you refer me to a surveyor?
We cannot refer anyone to a surveyor because a lot of our business is with the surveyors and it would be a conflict of interest.

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