Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court

Criminal Department Supervisor, Felicia Joiner

The Supervisor of the Criminal Department oversees the daily operations of the minute clerks and other personnel in her department. The minute clerk attends each court session (civil, criminal, traffic, non-support, and juvenile) with the judge she has been assigned. It is her responsibility to take minutes of each case that is heard by the Judge during that day. The minute clerk also is responsible for maintaining the civil court dockets. In addition she must send notification to litigants and/or their attorneys of court dates and signing of judgments; processing criminal and civil pleadings; preparing appeals for the Court of Appeal in both criminal and civil matters; processing traffic tickets and issuing criminal subpoenas and attachments. The minute clerks are now scanning all criminal pleadings for backup and filing purposes and sending the appropriate copies to the D.A. and Public Defender.

Felicia Joiner has been employed by the Clerk of Court since October 2001 and appointed supervisor for that department in October 2016. While employed with the Clerk of Court she has attended and completed numerous education conferences, seminars and received certification as a Deputy Clerk of Court from the Louisiana clerks of Court association.


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