Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court


The Abstractor's Section is an area of the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court's Office which is provided as a courtesy to the working abstractors. This area has individual work stations for abstractors so they may sit down and examine their research, abstracts, plats, etc.  The Clerk also provides, as a courtesy, a telephone line for anyone working in this area of the Clerk of Court's Office. The Attorney/Abstractor phone number is (985) 748-9511. 

The Clerk of Court is not permitted to, and does not, render "Title Opinions."  Only an Attorney can render a "Title Opinion" in Louisiana. An Attorney may utilize several departments in the Clerk's office while doing the research necessary to form a title opinion. For example, copies of sales and mortgages may be ordered from the Copy Room and a Mortgage Certificate might be ordered from the Mortgage Department. After a closing, the Cash Sale, Mortgage, and other documents related to the transaction will be filed at the Recording Department.

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