Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court

Mapping Department

The Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court and Assessor joined together and created a parish-wide, ownership map. The map is drawn on computer and is updated on a regular basis. The assessment number will be attached to these drawings to provide the essential information needed to identify these parcels. Our goal is to provide parcel information to the public and other parish entities in our office and NOW ONLINE through http://tangipahoa.interactivegis.com/.

The Mapping Department also provides aerial photography for the entire parish. Our first flyover was completed in February of 1999. The 1999 photographs are available in black and white only. Our second flyover was recently completed in January of 2008. The 2008 photographs are available in color. The aerials available online are provided by Bing and are as current as 2013.

The ownership maps can be layered on top of the aerial photography to show parcel boundaries. Although our computer mapping is not survey quality, the drawings are very close in comparison.

Copies of our ownership map can be ordered in office or by phone. In the past we offered a paper print and fax transmission of all ownership maps. In addition to these choices, you can now purchase our ownership and aerial photography in .pdf format which allows us to forward them to you via e-mail.


With your Paid Subscription you have access to maps, assessment numbers, roads and aerials PLUS the mapping index. You also have the ability to print the maps you view online! $30/ month or $250/ year If you are interested in a Paid Subscription please fill out the form located on our Mapping Site.

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For any further information regarding what is available through our Mapping Department, Please Call (985) 748-6874 Ext. 507

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