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Welcome to the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court Online Service page.   Here you will find information on the services we provide and their associated costs.

The major focus of our Online Service is to offer you an easier more convenient way of doing business with us from your home or office. As a visitor to our web site, you will be able to locate basic information about our departments and their services and find listings of prices for services we provide.  Once you subscribe, you will be able to research records indexes and also retrieve, view and print images of actual documents recorded at the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court's office.  


Subscription Price Duration in Days Printing Charge Per Page
Guest Account - Index only (Images and Civil history NOT AVAILABLE) $0.00 N/A N/A
Temporary Subscription - Index PLUS CIVIL (Index and Images available for viewing and printing) $20.00 5 $1.00
30 day Index subscription *No Civil history or Civil images $20.00 30 $1.00
30 day Index PLUS CIVIL subscription $30.00 30 $1.00
6 month Index subscription (10% off monthly subscription price)*No Civil history or Civil images $110.00 180 $1.00
6 month Index PLUS CIVIL subscription $160.00 180 $1.00
1 year Index subscription (20% off the monthly subscription price) *No Civil history or Civil images $200.00 365 $1.00
1 year Index PLUS CIVIL subscription $300.00 365 $1.00

What is available through our Online Services:
The General Recording Information of the following:
Chattel Mortgages Back to 1995
Civil Suits Back to 1974
Conveyance Records Back to 1952
Marriage License Back to 1975
Miscellaneous Records Back to 1974
Mortgage Records Back to 1930
Succession Back to 1995
The images of the following Documents are available:
Civil Records Back to 2000
Conveyance Records Back to 1952
Marriage License Back to 2000
Miscellaneous Records Back to 2000
Mortgage Records Back to 1972
Criminal Information is NOT available online, please contact our office to obtain this information!
To search our indexes online you must have a name, book and page, instrument number, or property description.
To research your data using Address you must use the Assessor's Web Site.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our online service please let us know.

All payments must be via Credit Card and will be securely processed by Verisign!


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