Fax Numbers

The Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court operates several devices capable of receiving and sending faxes. Mortgage Certificate orders and requests for copies from the Conveyance Department may be received via fax. Certain recordings, and civil or criminal suit matters may also be received via fax.

Please be aware that there are statutory requirements for filing documents and suits via fax.

Fax Numbers – Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court
Civil Department All Civil Issues (985) 748-6746
Jury Management Jury Management Issues (985) 748-6503
Mortgage Department Non-Lien, Non-Mortgage, or UCC Certificates (985) 748-6503
Criminal Department All Criminal Matters (985) 747-3387
All Other Departments Administration and Recording (985) 748-6503

The Civil Department charges a $5.00 transmission fee on all incoming fax filings. (La R.S. 13:1850)