Civil Department

The Civil Department is responsible for the filing of all Civil Suits, Domestic Suits, Clerk’s Suits, Adoptions, Successions and all matters relating thereto. This includes proper indexing of all suits and keeping a record of all costs associated with any filings. The Civil Department files all pleadings, documents, exhibits, and endorses thereon the fact and date of filing.

The Civil Department accepts fax filings as prescribed by the Louisiana Revised Statutes. The fax number for the Civil Department is (985) 748-6746.

The Civil Department issues citations, writs, subpoenas, and other process of the Court in the name of the State of Louisiana and affixes the seal of the Court thereto.

The Civil Department collects, in accordance with R.S. 13:842, advance payment from the plaintiff for the anticipated costs the Clerk will have in processing the litigation. They also collect all accrued costs from the party incurring the additional costs in accordance with R.S.13:843, including but not limited to, costs of a jury trial, the costs of taking depositions, and expert witness fees.

No civil pleadings will be filed or service perfected without an advance deposit. To receive certified copies of judgments, all outstanding court costs must be paid. Total court costs must be paid before a suit is dismissed.

For further information about the Civil Department call (985) 284-2610.

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